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Premium Abhyanga Snan Corporate Gift Kit For Diwali

Premium Abhyanga Snan Corporate Gift Kit For Diwali

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Every occasion is celebrated with a certain motive as each festivity holds a specific significance which is backed by a certain belief and hope. However, most of the time during such occasions it becomes difficult to decide what to gift especially for those in the corporate sector. The Diwali festival is widely known as a festival of lights and the festival that unfolds prosperity by celebrating a new beginning. In order to share the same emotion through a gift, Abhyangsnan can be your perfect gifting option during the festival of lights. The Abhyangsnan Corporate Gifting Kit is comprehensive and contains multiple elements that are totally essential to nourish your body.

The kit includes

  1. Hydrating Massage Oil: Sesame oil has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which are highly antioxidants & promote softness.
  2. Fragrant Bath Oil: This bath oil helps the body to easily absorb the oil and retain moisture from every drop of bathwater.
  3. Handmade Soap: This soap contains Zero Animal Fats & is absolutely pure and natural.
  4. Purifying Body Scrub: The natural body scrub, Ubtan, is made by powdering therapeutic herbs together which is also an excellent exfoliate that prevents dry skin.
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