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DIY Dream Catcher Kit - Makes 2 Dream Catchers

DIY Dream Catcher Kit - Makes 2 Dream Catchers

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Kalhaar's Do it yourself dream catcher kit contains all the required items to make your very own beautiful dream catcher. Best kit to learn, gift to your friends and family members. We only use best Quality Material sourced from local suppliers from India. Crafted originally by the native Americans, dream catchers were used in ancient times to give infants peaceful and beautiful dreams. The good dreams make their way through the beautiful twigs and feathers to reach the dreamer while the bad dreams being confused are unable to find their way through the web of threads in the middle.

Inside The Box - 

  • Multi Color Thread's (Red, White, Yellow, Blue, Black, Multi color) - 1 Nos Each
  • Aluminum Ring (5.5 in) - 1 Nos
  • Aluminum Ring (3.5 in) - 1 Nos
  • Assorted Beads - 50 Nos
  • Feather's (Yellow, Blue, Red, Black, Multi Color) - 30 Nos
  • Instruction Manual - 1 Nos
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